Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Book suggestion for those stuck in a rut

I think after quite a long hiatus to this blog, it's appropriate to start with a book suggestion.

This summer has been busy, but I still made time for my favorite past-time. I devoured book after book. The most recent one was just so amazing I had to share.

I'm not a professional book reviewer but I do love to share books with others. This one YA fiction is called "The Clockwork Scarab," by Colleen Gleason. I read it for my Eagle Mountain book club and it probably took me only two days to finish it. Others who have less responsibilities could finish this in less for sure.

Here you have Sherlock Holmes' niece, Mina Holmes (daughter of Mycroft), teaming up with Bram Stoker's little sister (think Dracula), Evaline. The Princess of Wales commissions the two to solve the mysterious murder and disappearances of a few young ladies high in society. Add in the steampunk elements, some romance and characters who are still learning and growing and you have yourself a fun read that has you begging for more at the end.

Some reviews didn't like how the author "neutered" Mina and Evaline (Mina is showed up by her love interest who's a policeman and Evaline has her moments and nearly faints at the sight of blood). I think it added some reality to these characters. The author clearly wanted girls reading this to relate to Mina's social awkwardness or Evaline's fear at crucial moments. Also, these two heroines did not get along nearly the majority of the book. Mina continually looked down at Evaline and Evaline didn't think Mina could hold her own physically, but I think that's real life. They eventually come to terms, have a grudging respect for each other and at the end, realize that a friendship is budding out of all that.

All in all, this was fun to read and I can't wait to see what Gleason has in store in the next book (as soon as I get my hands on it).

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