Sunday, June 15, 2008

High Fives this week

So I thought I would take a new approach to blogging: post my top five events of the week.

In no particular order:

1. I learned my design 2 shift at the newspaper I'm working at. Makes me happy! I can do it without supervision, or without any help at all! Unless I have 16 pages to do, then I can worry. But all I do is plug it in, plug it in. The stories, that is. Or the pictures and the headlines. But I'm getting to be a pro! The only thing is, the people in the office don't like whistling or humming! I'm screwed! The problem with that is I whistle or hum without knowing it. Like one of the guy's cell phone went off and the ringtone was Indiana Jones (so cool!). A few minutes later, another guy said, "Here, we don't like whistling, humming, or singing." I didn't even notice I had done that! Sheesh, picky picky.

2. Winning a game of racquetball! I played three games of cutthroat with my dad and another guy. My dad won first, then the other guy, then me. Well, it's a big accomplishment because first off, I sucked it up. Then I gradually warmed up and then I won 14-5-6!! Now, if only I can beat my dad at singles...

3. Getting my scrapbooks in order for assimilation. That should be fun and maybe take up the rest of the summer! I am currently working on taking my baby pictures out of those acidic, horrible-for-archiving pages. I can't believe how cute I am!

4. This weekend was so fun. Why? Because I hung out with my family. We cleaned out the garage, took old clothes to Salvation Army, and watched "Chicken Little" together. Actually, before we watched the movie, my dad felt obligated to go to a barbeque for a friend from work. I went along to keep him from being lonely among the alcohol-guzzling party-goers. Well, turns out that we weren't the only Mormons there as a family from church came to the party as well. We were so surprised! They joined us and another couple who were their visiting the friend of dad's (he was the guy's brother) and funny thing: they're from Farmington, UT. So us Mormons make sure we make a good impression on the National Guard Recruiter and his wife. We ended up having lots of fun and good conversation about the church especially. He even said if I ever was needed a place to crash to look them up in Utah. I thought that was interesting seeing that we just met.

5. Okay, this might be really lame, but I found this really funny latin song about a mammoth - but it's actually really terrible. I first heard this song on a bus in Santo Domingo and I turned to my Nicaraguan companion and asked her about it. She said it wasn't a very good song -- and she was right! This mammoth ends up dying after wanting to learn to smoke, drink, do drugs, and other things. but the music is so cute - I can just forget that I know Spanish. On a better note, I found other music that I had fallen in love with on my mission, which made me very happy.