Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pros and cons of the rally week

As many might know, the Sturgis motorcycle rally dominated my life for about seven days. That means a week of corruption, debauchery and lawlessness that has caused me to have to soak my retinas for double the time that they were exposed to all of the above.

Case in point.

But, there were some other cool things that I rather enjoyed being introduced to: the wonderful world of custom bikes.
But, there's only so much of bikes that you can take if you really don't know anything about them. However, there were other things to catch the eye:
I'm trying to mimic his face. It didn't work.
Cool dude, huh?

Then of course, you get to go to really cool things, such as Kenny Chesney. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I've realized on dream I've put on my list of things to do before I die: see the most beautiful man on the planet.
Okay, so not the best of quality, but I loved it.

Here's what I wrote on the Rapid City Journal's Sturgis Street Blog (They have since revamped that section and anything before 2013 is gone):

By Sarah Beu
I have the proof right here, folks. Elvis Presley is not dead, but alive and well as a patron of the Sturgis motorcycle rally.
See! There he is! He ran off before I could speak to him. But if I could, I think I would be tongue tied anyway. Oh well. Maybe next time.
In the magical carnival for adults called the rally, kids aren't few or far between. But there is a spot of innocence saved just for them at Woodland Park. It's called the Kidz Zone and it's pretty neat. There's a clown and face painting and inflatables and all sorts of neat things. I wish I were a bit younger and then I would have joined right in the races up the inflatables and gotten my face painted. Hmm, maybe I should have done that anyway.
Okay, that looks like way more fun than downtown Sturgis.
Chaplain Curtis Hubbell said that when he came to Sturgis 11 years ago, he saw a lot of kids being held "captive by their parents" and didn't have anything to do. So Hubbell came up with a positive alternative for kids. The park has a great buffer zone from the wild and crazy things going on in Sturgis.
For everyone who has walked up and down those streets and stood up for hours at a time: Go home and soak your feet! I stopped for about half an hour and just watched the footwear of people walking by. Mostly boots and flip flops. But I did see one woman barefoot. Wow, that's gutsier than getting a tattoo.
Here are some others I thought were interesting:
Pretty snazzy, although a bit blurry.
Pretty pointy, eh?
Those are cool!
Well, folks, let this be a word of warning - treat those feet well. And if not - soak 'em!

By Sarah Beu
I've been dreaming of Kenny Chesney since I first heard the anthem, "She thinks my tractor's sexy" in high school. I never thought I would see him in his first-ever visit to Sturgis, S.D. I even performed a mini concert in my car with a cd of his greatest hits. Lo and behold, my dream came true.
The road to Glencoe took longer than normal and my quarter of a tank was spent creeping along the highway. I thought I would be too late to watch the fun entry Kenny would make on stage. I needn't have worried, since he started later because of the million cars yet behind me. I settled for a close up range toward the right of the stage, with the help of some local crew members and waited patiently for the singer to come on stage. He didn't disappoint.
I sang along, as did everyone else to some of his oldies, "She's a Big Star," and "I Go Back," to name a couple. Then, halfway through, he invited a couple of guys who I don't even know come and sing. That's when Kenny started letting me down. What happened to singing songs that are signature Kenny Chesney? I didn't come all this way just to hear some guy named "Skinny Bob" to sing some song I don't even know. By that time, I had to leave. As I trudged up the hill, I glanced back one last time and sighed. Guess he'll just have to stay in my dreams and in my radio.
But to me, he'll always be beautiful!

Feel the engine, hear the engine, be the engine

Oh man, I had my first ever cognizant-of-what-I-was-doing motorcycle ride.

It was a sweet ride.

Our friend (more like, our financial advisor) from Nebraska City came up for the Sturgis motorcycle rally. I didn't think he'd come in style quite like that. He also has two Harley-Davidsons at home!

It sits three in the back, but we went two at a time. First was Katie and I.

Katie's having fun and looking a little windblown.

Then Emily and Rebecca have a turn. It was great.

The weird thing was, I didn't feel that it constituted a real motorcycle ride. But then again, I shouldn't be too picky, now, should I?