Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keeping busy

As October wraps up (yes, I know there is one week left), I feel pretty content about life. We're settling in our new location well and I've begun planting myself here in many ways. I've become involved and I'm pretty excited about it all. Besides, it keeps me from being lazy.

Jed and I helped with the church activity the beginning of this month and then I've volunteered to help out with the women's church group (Relief Society) activity as well, and both were a blast. We've made some friends through it, which is why I wanted to be involved so much. My latest adventure hasn't even started and I'm nervous and apprehensive, yet thrilled to be apart of it.

Our church has teamed up with Americorp and KSL to help tutor children in elementary schools in reading. A month or so ago, I heard about it briefly at church and casually asked the Bishop about it, who emailed me some information. Well, I didn't go to the super long training and forgot completely about it until a week or so ago when I was told I was on a list of volunteers and that I need to attend a training. Well, I went to one (with Adam in tow) and had to leave after an hour because Adam was being, well, a toddler. So I went to the other training, but just showed up late. Luckily, Adam was more calm and content in a closed off area.

During the training, I couldn't help but think how much this would benefit me. Sure, I'll be helping a couple of children a week, but let's be honest - I'm getting the better end of the deal.