Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two hours? Riiiiight.

Soon after Jed and I got married, I went on a shopping rampage and bought tons of things. In my frenzy, I bought things that I couldn't necessarily work with at the moment. One of them were instructions to make an apron and fabric - it was so cute!! Only problem was that I didn't have a sewing machine. However, I anticipated that such a necessity would soon make its appearance in our home.

Christmas comes, and Santa made that dream come true. 'Course Santa had to make sure I was actually going to put it to use. Luckily, Jed convinced him. Santa had wondered because in the past, I had shown an aversion to anything sewing. Needless to say, I had a change of heart.

Well, skipping much of the details and frustrations, I completed this "2-hour apron" in 3 days or so. And trust me when I say it doesn't look all that great. If you saw it in person, you could tell a complete amateur did it. But I was very proud of myself. And I have resolved to improve, especially my stitching. Only time will tell.

Since you can't tell very well, the snowflake like images are actually forks and spoons spread out. I really fell in love with the simple design of the fabric.