Monday, January 26, 2009

More positive light for the church

I love articles like these (except their views of the church from the outside in is a little strange). A journalist from South Africa traveled to Salt Lake and got a peek of one of the coolest parts of the church.

Before I went to Chile, I was in Salt Lake for a week of training for my duties in teaching the Career Workshop. On our last day, they took us on a tour of Welfare Square and the Humanitarian Aid Center. What an experience. I never realized exactly how and what the church did and still continues to do for those in need not only here in the U.S., but also in other countries, not only for members, but those not of our faith.

After our tour of everything (there's too much to tell; you'll just have to go yourself if you haven't been), I was injected with such a fuel to contribute. Not only through the tithes and offerings, but through my service in centers such as those in Salt Lake. Granted, not all of them are as big, but I can still add my little part of the work in Relief Society or whatever it is.

Workers go home early from work to have babies. What?

I wish they would do that here: go home early so you can make the population grow.

I found this story on and thought it really weird. Japan is encouraging their people to have more babies because the birthrate is too low to support Japan's population. Crazy weird! I find it sad as well that the Japanese people have such a work ethic that they can't even find time to have children! Plus the cost of living is so darn high that they feel restricted in doing so. I love how people will listen to their employers more than they listen to God.