Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love my job

Can I just say that being a newspaper reporter has lots of perks? One day can be so completely different from the rest - some boring, some quite interesting. Well, I happened to be working on a story about a Rigby man who has developed an ambidextrous gun. In any gun, the shell is expelled out the right side. If you are right handed, that doesn't bother you. But for a leftie - that could be kind of dangerous. A shell could come up and hit you in the face and it's pretty warm too from the friction. There are other guns that are just for left handed shooters, but in some situations, that may not be available. But this particular rifle,  (an AR-15),  both right and left handed shooters can use it. The way that happens is that a setting is changed, depending on the dominate hand of the shooter. Then the shell is expelled opposite of the sight of the shooter. Apparently, it's a pretty big deal in the gun world.

So these two guys who talked to me all about it invited me to come shooting with them. Now how could I pass up an opportunity like that? I had to take Emily along because she's never gone shooting.

Don't laugh at the pictures - I didn't know I was holding the clip, and the guys never said anything to me.

This is a different gun from the ambidextrous rifle and it is so much heavier. Amazingly, I managed to hit a target about 100 yards away or so. Either the guys there were really nice or they were completely honest. They said that both Em and I could be really good shooters if we practiced more.

So yes, it's a pretty good story.

On another work-related note, I got the best compliment today. Right at 5 p.m. - I'm all packed up and ready to go home - someone calls the office for a Sarah "Beu" (my maiden name). The secretary was confused but assured the caller that a Sarah worked there. I got on the line completely baffled to the Michael LaFord on the phone. Things soon cleared up when he said he was Mikel LeFort - the editor at the daily that I interned at two summers ago! We chit chatted about my life - getting married, graduating, having a baby. He actually called to find out if I would be interested in working with this other editor on a weekly in South Dakota - but he already figured I was settled where I was at. He was glad to hear I was still in journalism, but sad to hear I would be leaving it so soon. But they sure remembered me and wanted to track me down to see if I would be interested in taking on the job. Woo hoo!

That brings me to another thought. When I first found out I was prego, I thought I could handle working and taking care of the baby. My husband quickly pointed out some important things that I needed to remember. It was a hard realization for me that I would have to leave this job that I enjoyed so much and had studied for so long. But I now accept that this is totally the Lord's plan for me. It's really a small sacrifice compared to the rewards I get for being a full-time mother.

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