Thursday, January 3, 2008

Memoirs of a sentimental realist

Well, I've come to the end of another holiday break. This one, though, in particular causes me to reflect on myself, what I've learned, who I'm becoming, etc. With the start of a new year, I would hope everyone would do that.

It's been an eventful year for me, for which I am grateful. I wrapped up my mission, returning in April and jumped right back into civilian life. I accomplished a lot more in my love life: a first kiss and, consequently, a boyfriend. That was to be short-lived, but full of adventures in and of itself. I started working for a wonderful, generous lady who helped fund my mission as well. I became good friends with my co-worker, Sierra, who is absolutely amazing. I traveled to Washington state to see the marriage of my cousin. The travel bug never really left me as I returned to Ecuador to see the marriage of two wonderful families that I came to love as a missionary. That trip was especially intense as it was extended, due to full flights that continually pushed my companion and me back a couple of days (we flew standby). School came after that and I jumped right into a full load of classes and work on the newspaper, Scroll.

Now here I am: on the edge of a new year, a new semester, and new possibilities. Often, I feel overwhelmed with all that lays out in front of me. It's like an artist contemplating his empty canvas, or a writer staring at a blank page. They both have endless choices, and only they can make that choice. That is where I am. Staring at the blank page before me, not knowing the direction to go. So many choices! Where do I begin? Now knowing the proverbial sky is the limit, I want to do everything, see everything, go everywhere! What can stop me? Well, it seems that just reality is my only roadblock. Reality being money, school, etc. Plus, the unknown is a little troublesome. But man! I am excited!